Castellano Spanish English Ingles

Hola Soy profe de castellano en una uni en los EEUU. Les interesa conversar en ingles? (y en espanyol?)

Voy a dar una clase de conversacion (en castellano) , empezando el 14 de enero.

Solo habra entre 9 y 13 estudiantes en mi clase. One of the requirements of my course is that each student has to connect with a native Spanish speaker, and commit to spending a certain amount of time each week (20 minutes?) for at least 12 of the next 15, chatting and exchanging ideas and helping one another with their Spanish/English proficiency. After the semester ends, it is up to the “partners” to carry on their connection or not.

I wouldn’t mind exchanging with a prof, either! Who says the students are the only ones to have this experience?

Let me know if you are interested. I set up an email just for this “connection” to begin. Please know this is voluntary, not for profit, money has nothing to do with this… I am only interested in facilitating healthy connections between young (and not so young, perhaps) citizens of the world.

This is my first day on Red de Universitarios - Universidades, Carreras y Universitarios en Chile. It looks like a great site, but TBH I don’t have loads of time to peruse it all.

So, write to me at if you are interested… Cati / Kate