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[SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Red”]Here you can practice your english :wink:
Come on![/COLOR][/SIZE]

hahahahahahahaha, it’s sort of a spin off?

Thai Rules!!
I wish I could stay a little longer to practice, but I have a date, so bye bye!! wish me luck!!

(ya!! quien hace la correcion, yo me voy)

good luck!

[QUOTE=vari]hahahahahahahaha, it’s sort of a spin off?[/QUOTE]
sure :wink:
Fast and easy

You can always come back, Valerits :wink:
Good luck!! :smiley:

How can I start my message?..Well, mmmm…Hi! XD…

'see you guys later!! :smiley:

ahaha how creative Valevil!!
Hi there! :smiley:

should we introduce ourselves? well, I am Alvaro, a/k/a Vari. I’m 24 and I represent Puente Alto. I’d like to say to all leaders to achieve world peace, and the perfect man for me is Pope (cómo se llamaba?) uh, well, that guy

Pope Benedict XVI… and he should married Teresa de Calcuta (was her?) to preserve the human race :smiley:
Well… I´ll introduce myself as Thai, just Thai… i dont represent anything or anyone and im here because im on vacations and bored !bravo!

How can I start my message?..Well, mmmm…Hi! XD…[/QUOTE]
I love you :o


miss thai…you can recommend some book of psychology?
i mean, to introduce to me in this area, please:D

somo easy;)

esta bien?:stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=HammerLand]I love you :o


miss thai…you can recommend some book of psychology?
i mean, to introduce to me in this area, please:D

somo easy;)

esta bien?:p[/quote]

I love u too…so much! ^^ :o


Miss Thâi…Can you recommend(suggest) me some book about phychology?
I mean, I want to introduce me in this area…

Yo así la dejaría.-…está bien? :smiley:

I think that ValeVil was right (about Hammerland’s post)

uff mister Hammer… Psychology is so ample… there´s so many things to read about it…
What are you interesting about? Theories? Clinical psychology?

(and sorry i wasn`t around… I was playing Sims2 :p)

By the way, it was the shortest date ever!!! :o

(está bien short??? para decir breve???)

i think so
or the “briefest”

I hope it wasn`t the worst too

briefest!!! I knew it!!!
you see, it wasn’t the worst ider… because there was no date at all, we saw each other, and something came up :frowning:

mmm I don’t wanna talk about it… I know, let´s talk about soccer!!! :smiley: XD

puaj!! I hate soccer!! !wackala!
Let´s talk about tennis… something happened yesterday, anybody could tell me? Im lost

Wow, great idea!
When I read Vari’s first post on this thread, I found I didn’t know what a spinoff is.
(Or should I say “was” or “were”? I think it’s “is” cause its meaning doesn’t change, at least in principle, with time).
So, I googled it (have you noticed that “google” is widespreading also as a verb?) and I found, among other sites, this one: [URL=“http://www.sti.nasa.gov/tto/ISSspin.html”]

I was writing about developing specific topics here, but now I see it already started.
Of course, writing and commenting about specific topics is a plus; it’s funny, and we can learn new terms that maybe we couldn’t otherwise. It emphazises the correct use of grammar and pushes toward not-common constructions.

If you have found any mistakes in my post, please comment it. :slight_smile:
Also, if you think that something (in this post or anyone else’s) is just right but could be written in a better way, suggesting those imporvements would be a plus for the thread.
(And now I see it just started too!)

Here you have more on spinoffs!